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Connect With Women Entrepreneurs
In Emerging Markets

Are you feeling lonely, isolated and slightly confused?
Do you have an idea but are too scared and don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you are firm on your idea but have no real support.
Our community helps you connect with women who feel the same
as you in different parts of the globe.

Connect. Collaborate. Grow. with aspiring and recently started
entrepreneurs in emerging markets around the globe.


Starting a business is a huge
challenge and doing it on your
own without support is even
more difficult. Your daily routine
includes jobs, family obligations
and other priorities.


Finding like minded collaborative
women to work with can be a
daunting task. Join forces with
women who are interested in
the “we.”


You want to execute all of your
ideas. You may have so many, that
you do not know where to begin.
There is so much to learn, from
branding to sales and marketing
and all in between.

Meet the Rare Birds

We currently have two Nests serving women in the pre-startup and startup phases of their businesses.
These are women who have taken flight in the London and Caribbean Nests. They are ambassadors of our brand,
representing our global and vivacious community for women entrepreneurs. They have all been running their
businesses for less than 5 years. Their businesses’ are dynamic and flourishing into what these women want them
to be, based on their own values and on their own terms.  As our global community grows more Nests will be
added to our connect, collaborate and grow platform.


Ten Steps to Flight

This isn’t your typical business book. It is not a technical manual filled with tips
and recommendations on how to write a business plan or develop a strategy.
Those things are extremely important and we highly recommend that you
purchase and read those books. We have many of them suggested on our Nest
websites. This short Rare Bird guide addresses those things, which are not
explicitly stated but always seem to arise when we start our entrepreneurial
journey. The Ten Steps to Flight are the DNA of the SBHQ community. It includes
the 10 things you must do before starting your business. Learn the business of
flying so you too can kick off your entrepreneurial journey firmly grounded in your

Giving Back

Learn how SecretBirds impacts the global community.



Aspiring Rare Bird Champions